Software engineering

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Your company has its own internal functioning which is of primordial importance because it is what differentiates you from your competitors. However, some of the tasks related to this operations are not (copy/paste between various documents, repetitive and often boring manual operations…) or only poorly (use of macros in Excel documents…) automated, causing an unnecessary waste of time, which is detrimental to the performance of your company. And you already have the computers for this automation, but they can’t relieve you of these tasks because of the absence of adequate software.

If you, or one of your employees, has programming knowledge, these add-on software could be developed in-house. The Python language, which is considered as one of the easiest to learn, has many software libraries allowing, for example, the manipulation of Excel, Word, PDF files… However, the development of a graphical user interface, interface that conditions the ergonomics of the software, was, until now, quite complicated. But, thanks to a new type of cloud computing (, it is now easy to quickly code a versatile graphical user interface, simplifying the development of this add-on software.

Perhaps you don’t have the resources to program this add-on software in-house. However, more and more young people are being offered programming workshops, mostly in Python. So that these lessons will be useful to them in their future professional activities, there is an educational tool ( to create exercises that will facilitate the acquisition, in a playful way, of the knowledge that, for those who will be your future collaborators, will allow them to realize these precious add-on softwares.

You should know that, as a software engineer, I am specializing in the development of these add-on software which, in addition to your business-specific softwares, will allow you to gain in efficiency. By relying on agile software development (extreme programming) as well as software components that I have developed, the software that I will develop for you will meet your needs beyond your expectations, and for prices that will surprise you.

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